Utah Sledneck Survives – Watch and Learn

Wear you beacon and remember to always go through your gear check list when traveling in the backcountry.
by 4. Seth Tucker


Government Shutdown Closes National Parks, Regional Recreation and Business Affected

You’ve heard it by now. It’s stupid. We’re not into the politics, even though it is a political issue that has created this problem, so we suggest you educate yourself on that part elsewhere if you’d lik...
by 2. Will Dujardin

Castle Peal above the clouds.

First Day of Spring 3/21/2012

I’ll admit it, it’s the end of March and I’m thinking about fishing, boating, sand and river beers watching pretty girls in sundresses. Sure, there’s still spring skiing to be had, but with recent events, the consensus ...
by 4. Seth Tucker


Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.03.53 AM

Bridger Brigade “Africa”

Here is the final edit of the season from the Bridger Brigade crew! Check out CB locals, Matt and Randy Evans, shredding with all the other Bridger rippers! The crew returned home from europe, and crushed the final days of the ...
by Andrew Arnold

Dropping into heaven. Photo:

Community Profile: Sydney Dickinson

photo: | When I first met Sydney, I was snowmobile skiing out Axtel when my group ran into Tom Runcie, Rob Dickinson and his then girlfriend, Sydney Fuller.  Throughout the day she ripped lines with the boys (on...
by 1. Ed Dujardin


CBAC 10th Avalanche Awareness Night

Avalanche Awareness Videos: From Canada

Avalanche Awareness Videos: From Canada Here is a great edit on how the Canadians enjoy avalanche control. These videos are to remind you to come on out for the Crested Butte Avalanche Center’s 10th Anniversary Avalanche ...
by 4. Seth Tucker


Community Profile: Alison Gannett

Photo: Sarah Mah Rarick | Words: Danica Baker* | Depending upon who you talk to, the name Alison Gannett can mean a lot of things. To a ski-bumette, she is a rad skier who holds her own as a professional world-champion big mo...
by 7. Guest Contributor


CBMST Finds Success at Taos

Last Thursday, the Crested Butte Mountain Sports Team headed down to Taos Ski Valley, NM with 8 athletes, 2 coaches, and a few parents in tow.  While they went down there to compete at Regional and National IFSA events, they a...
by 2. Will Dujardin



Tim Burr Hucks Fredo’s 70 Feet

Here’s a quick video to jump start your week.  Check out Tim Burr doing some good, old-fashioned meat-hucking over a classic CB line pioneered by Seth Morrison. And yes, he held on to the landing.
by 2. Will Dujardin

Riders: TJ Prieur and Jesse Blumenthal
Trail: Upper Loop

Upper Loop and Lupine trails are OPEN!

I just got back from a dreamy, dry ride on the Upper Loop this evening. The Upper Loop, Divine Trail (connector to golf course), Tony’s, 435 1a (connector to Upper Upper), and Whetstone Vista are all dry with only a few m...
by 3. Trent Bona