March 14, 2019

Ed Dujardin Tees Up Local Mini Golf Lines


If you haven’t yet seen the videos of West Elk Project co-founder Ed Dujardin teeing up some awesome lines this season on the @shredwardstomps Instagram, you should check out his mid-season POV edit.  It features a hot soundtrack from A Shadow of Jaguar and a bunch of lines from the Crested Butte backcountry, CBMR, and some front range action sprinkled in.  It’s awesome to see this dude recover from his broken femur 3 years ago the way he has.  Keep it up, SHREDWARD!

Ed Dujardin 2019 Mini Golf from West Elk Project on Vimeo.

About the Author

2. Will Dujardin
Will Dujardin is our content editor at West Elk Project. He competes in big mountain competitions and coaches the Crested Butte Mountain Sports Team. Skiing is his life and he likes to mix it with other fun things like DH mountain biking and traveling.