April 12, 2012

Remembering Jeremy Worrell 1977-2012

Jeremy Self-Portrait after Summer Skiing.

“He was kind, had a big heart, a loyal friend, respectful, sensitive and compassionate. He was non-judgmental, a free spirit and lived to the beat of his own drum. He lived his life his way and to the fullest.”from Jeremy’s obituary in the New Haven Register on April 4th, 2012.  Read the full obituary here.

Remembering Jeremy Worrell
by Mark Robbins 

The Crested Butte community lost yet another amazing soul on April 1st of this year. As so many of us do, Jeremy went out following one of his many passions. An avid backcountry skier, hiker, and shooter of guns, Jeremy was only a couple more tandem jumps away from becoming a certified skydiver.

Everybody is jealous of these turns! Photo: Deb Casey

A member of the community for the past decade, Jeremy explored much of the valley on and off his skis. Diehard CB South resident, Jeremy resurrected Pioneer ski area for himself, and often skied Cement and Italian Mountains. Jeremy often enjoyed skiing solo, only his beloved dog Kutya chasing his rooster tails through the zone. Jeremy also loved skiing Crested Butte Mountain, on both sides of the ropes. He made his final turns the Thursday before he died, the perfect S tracks down the closed Banana run his signature farewell to the valley and his friends. He was on his 53rd consecutive month of skiing when he died.

His other main passion was punk music and culture. Jeremy WAS punk rock. It was anyone’s guess what color Jeremy’s hair would be one month to the next, how much of it would be on his head, and where. Jeremy was a fixture of the local punk community – a large, kind soul always in the middle of the pit. Jeremy worked days running a landscaping crew with Rocky Mountain Trees, and nights found him slinging drinks to thirsty locals and visitors at the Ginger Café. By 9 pm or so you could be sure to hear punk blaring from the deck speakers outside the restaurant.

Jeremy Rocking Out.

Jeremy leaves behind so many friends from so many different parts of our community, but we all gathered at the Ginger Café on Thursday, April 5th to celebrate his life and send him on in style. 200 friends gathered while his buddies The Derels reunited to play two sets of punk on the deck. The evening was wild, loving, emotional, possibly unlawful, and absolutely celebratory. Everything that Jeremy was.

Let’s all get out there and jump, ski, and rock. For those who cannot!

Check the video of Bro Hymn, the Derels last song of the night.  Dark and a little shaky, but worth it.

Here are Nichole Paquet’s photos from the evening as well.

Jeremy’s family would like donations to be made in his name at the Adaptive Sports Center.  Just make sure you put Jeremy Worrell in the “Purpose” section.  Thanks so much to all of Jeremy’s friends for coming together to remember Jeremy.  Special thanks to Spencer and the Ginger Cafe family for putting the event on.

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