July 16, 2012

July Rail Session


This Sunday we headed out to one of the last remaining slivers of snow around to go session a small rail. Although we’re not the most avid park skiers, it was fun to get on a playful rail and learn some new stuff. After we built the jump, thunderstorms rolled and dropped some hail. After a 30 minute shelter break in the car, the rain subsided and we got to get out and enjoy the afternoon up near Schofield Pass.

Skiers: Alex Stevenson, Zac Vaughter, Ed Dujardin

About the Author

1. Ed Dujardin
After moving out west for college, Ed took summer school so he could spend winters in Crested Butte. These days, he coaches the Western State Colorado University Freeride Team, and spends as much time as he can fishing the incredible rivers of the area.