September 17, 2013

Zach Guy Takes 1st at Spin the Doctor – RESULTS


The 2013 Spin the Doctor Enduro went down on Sunday on the famous Doctor Park trail in Taylor Canyon.  Zach Guy broke the 17 minute mark with a 16 minute 58 second time.  Local favorite Colin Pickett flatted right at the start of the last switchbacks finishing just 3 seconds behind Zach.  Evan Ross, who had joined Zach Guy on the climb up the trail before the race (yea, they did that) finished in 3rd at 16:02 after initially having his time miscalculated. Full results below.

alifuchsspindoctAfter recent heavy rains throughout last week the trail was surprisingly dry and was racing fast.  Most of the trail was super tacky, the recent rain had definitely affected the lower sandier areas.  Twenty-one participants took place in the 2nd year of the event; a huge thanks goes out to Flow Farm Dirt Productions for organizing and timing us AND having a cold beer and hot dog ready at North Bank Campground on the Taylor River at the bottom of the trail.

pickett spindoctorEvent Organizer Justin Varaljay explained at registration: “We are really happy people are here and we are stoked to build the momentum for this event.”  Coincidentally, the Big Mountain Enduro series director, Brandon Ontiveros, was racing (he tied in 5th place with a speedy 17:35) and was excited about potentially adding a Doctor Park stage to the Crested Butte stop on the series.  “We’ve put in the permits with the US Forest Service, so we’ll go from there,” Ontiveros said. Considering that Doctors is one of the best trails in the area, we totally support that happening.  The Spin the Doctor can maintain its unofficial status as long as there are under 70 people at a “gathering” on US Forest Service land.  There was no entry fee, no prize money, so that was a “gathering” if we’ve ever seen one. We can’t wait to see this event grow!

beltchenkospindoctorFull Results (minutes:seconds)

1.  Zach Guy   (16:58)
2. Colin Pickett   (17:01)
3. Evan Ross   (17:02)
4. Brett Fontana (17:32)
5. Brandon Ontiveros (17:35)
5. Eric Freson (17:35)
7. Ryan Sutton (17:55)
8. Pablo Martinez (18:19)
9. Tom Runcie (18:23)
10. Eliot Rosenberg (18:31)
11. Bryan Mazaika (18:40)
12. Ryan Smith (20:12)
13. Adam Chater (20:40)
14. Neil Beltchenko (21:00)
15. KIP (21:03)
16. Will Dujardin (21:24)
17. Jay Graceffa (21:25)
18. Josh Pratt (23:18)
19. Cierra Glenn (23:47)
20. Jesse Seligmom (24:07)
21. Ali Fuchs (26:37)
22. Peter Landry (MISTIME)


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2. Will Dujardin
Will Dujardin is our content editor at West Elk Project. He competes in big mountain competitions and coaches the Crested Butte Mountain Sports Team. Skiing is his life and he likes to mix it with other fun things like DH mountain biking and traveling.