November 9, 2012

You Just Moved Here (And You are a Woman): 5 Tips for Living in Our Ski Town

women ski day

While our original 5 Tips for Living in our Ski Town was a little more bro-oriented, Crested Butte’s very own Ski Bumette has come up with some awesome tips for the females who have recently moved here.

1. You may have noticed there are a lot of dudes. For some this discovery may be a welcome change from wherever your point A was. You are the new girl in town. That means you will be stared at, mumbled to, and offered all the PBR’s you can pay for (yes, you might be paying for it). Enjoy the attention. But remember you won’t always be the new girl, so if you do decide to shack up, be picky with who you go home with, because the wrong choice can come back to haunt you. Secrets aren’t easily kept here so show some discretion, and know that you will probably be friends with all of your new man’s exes.

Girls ride Moab!

2. While there are quite a few guys, there are also a lot of really rad chicks. Take the time out of your new girl male attention and meet the ladies of CB. Don’t be that girl that doesn’t have girlfriends because “there’s too much drama.” For the record, no one trusts a girl who says that. There are tons of women’s ski, bike, hike, dog walking, book, etc. groups that get together and just have fun without the guys, without the drama, and usually with cocktails. Find a female you connect with and get in on one of her women’s only activities. Get to know the ladies in town because we are each other’s saving grace.

3. If you decided to move here chances are that you enjoy outdoor recreation (if not you should move NOW). It’s great to ski, bike or whatever with guys because it often pushes you to a new level. However, I strongly suggest finding a group of women to get your adrenaline fix with as well. It’s amazing how refreshing it is to push your comfort zone with someone who has been exactly where you are in skill level, and who is more inclined to patiently walk you through something rather than meeting you at the bottom. It’s also okay to be a beginner at something. Just have fun. That’s why we are all here.

We have the most fun.

4. Don’t be afraid to wear heels. Or a dress. Or lipstick. Or anything else that shows off your femininity. CB ladies can rip on the slopes and trails and at the end of the day can look like a million bucks. Just because you now live in the Wild West doesn’t mean you have to look like it. Take that well-deserved online shopping spree in the middle of winter and show off your sexy, girly self!

5. Embrace this version of paradise! You have managed to find a rare gem of a ski town here in Crested Butte. A lot of people spend a lot of money and vacation days just to have a glimpse of what you get to experience every day. Get to know the history of CB, get involved with local organizations, and respect the mountains that surround you.

Welcome to Crested Butte ladies! You are lucky right now to be able to see this magical place with new (not yet jaded) eyes. Ignore the lack of original pick-up lines and feel free to change the subject from skiing or biking at anytime.

Do you have plans for opening day? Join the ladies of CB and SheJumps to meet awesome women and to start the season right! Costumes encouraged! Check out West Elk Project for more details closer to the big day!

About the Author

6. Ski Bumette
Danica Baker moved from the NC Appalachian Mountains to the CO Rockies and hasn't looked back. She writes about outdoor adventures of fearless females and brings a woman's perspective to the West Elk Project. Ladies let me know any great ideas to let our presence known here in CB!