June 10, 2012

The Lifts Are Spinning at Evolution Bike Park in Crested Butte

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Yesterday at Crested Butte Mountain Resort the lifts were spinning and the boys ‘n girls were pinning! It was a great turnout of men, women, boys and girls all embracing lift-access mountain biking in their National Forrest. From stryders and hardtails to the freshest new downhill rigs and everything in between, there was certainly trail for all equipment and skill levels.

Evolution Bike Park is officially open this weekend and then 7 days per week starting Saturday June 16th. Christian Robertson and his trail crew have made improvements throughout the trail system and they also have a new trail that will be finished over the next several weeks; “Frequency” will be an intermediate/blue downhill trail. Loaded with flowy berms and booters it will round out the total number of DH/Freeride trails at Evolution Bike Park to 7 and with this summer off to a an early and strong start there is already talk of more trails on the way! Also, for all of you who think Psycho Rocks is an awesome trail except for the actual “Psycho Rocks” plunge below the lift that scares the sh*t out of most sane people, you will be happy to hear that Christian’s crew has built a wooden re-route as an alternate line rider’s right of the entrance to the more established lines through the gnar (see photos below). While still not by any means a beginner line, this option has less consequences and should encourage more intermediate/advanced riders to go enjoy the freeride crown jewel of Evolution Bike Park: Psycho Rocks Trail. From the looks and sounds of things already in June, its going to be an exciting summer for riding bikes in Crested Butte.

Click here for photos by Trent Bona:  Evolution Bike Park Opening Day

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