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By now, regardless of how long you have lived in the Gunnison Valley, there is a very good chance you have heard of Matchstick Productions or MSP. MSP is one of the godfathers of the ski movie industry and they are celebrating ...
by 3. Trent Bona


July Rail Session

This Sunday we headed out to one of the last remaining slivers of snow around to go session a small rail. Although we’re not the most avid park skiers, it was fun to get on a playful rail and learn some new stuff. After w...
by 1. Ed Dujardin



West Elk Project Finds Snow in the Tetons

With Colorado going through (another) dry early season, the West Elk Project boys were getting antsy. Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming, on the other hand, had received two feet in late November and were forecasted to receive two m...
by 1. Ed Dujardin

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Flip On, Flip Off

Norwegian professional skier Oystein Braten has done the first ever flip on and off of a park rail. 
by Jeremy Moskowitz


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Hockey Dog Day

All over North America, kids have to choose between skiing and hockey as their winter sport.  The boys from Burrrlapz show that you don’t have to. H̶o̶t̶D̶o̶g̶D̶a̶y̶ Hockey Dog Day from Burrrlapz on Vimeo.
by 1. Ed Dujardin



Will Dujardin Chile POV Edit

Will Dujardin put together his POV footage from this summer’s Chile trip.  It’s a quick 2-minute edit featuring skiing from Nevados de Chillan and a last shot from El Colorado. While most of South America had medio...
by 2. Will Dujardin