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Big Mountain Downhilling

Rider: David Bunt Location: West Elk Mountains, Colorado, USA Fellow West Elker Dave Bunt took a hike with his big bike yesterday and found a fun way back down the 2,500+ feet he had just slogged up. I caught up with him on the...
by 3. Trent Bona


Grant Spear Season Edit

Grant Spear, your local Colorado Freeskier ninja-commando and Gravity Groms coach, put together his season edit from last year.  Considering our lack of snow, it still looks like Grant had a lot of fun (is that getting cliché...
by 2. Will Dujardin


Tom getting after it

Tom Runcie’s 2012 Season Edit

Low snow years can still be a lot of fun.  There aren’t many people I know that have as much fun day in and day out as Tom Runcie does.  This year, Tom got 3rd place at Taos, 3rd place at Snowbird, and Sickbird at Snowb...
by 2. Will Dujardin


Ryan Halverson Season Edit

Ryan Halverson is a Ski Logik athlete living in Jackson, WY. He has put out great edits over and over featuring Jackson Hole and the resort-accessed backcountry there.  This year is no different, Ryan has put out another bang...
by 2. Will Dujardin


Ray catching himself catching some airtime

Downhilling in Oregon, Brought to you by Ray Harter

Last summer, Ray Harter spent some time exploring the PNW with bikes in his truck and fun on his mind.  This trail is on Raven’s Ridge in the Tillamook forest.  Ray currently lives in Denver after living in the Crested ...
by 2. Will Dujardin


Matt Evans Sending his way into 3rd place

Nolan Blunck, Matt Evans POV Footage from Taos JETA 2012

Check out Matt Evans’ finals run and Nolan Blunck’s Run 1 POV footage from Taos JETA 2012.  Matt finished in 3rd place and Nolan finished in 16th.   Matt Evans 3rd Place Taos JETA 2012 from West Elk Project...
by 1. Ed Dujardin