April 4, 2012

Downhilling in Oregon, Brought to you by Ray Harter

Ray catching himself catching some airtime

Last summer, Ray Harter spent some time exploring the PNW with bikes in his truck and fun on his mind.  This trail is on Raven’s Ridge in the Tillamook forest.  Ray currently lives in Denver after living in the Crested Butte area for a few years, we can’t wait to see what comes next.  This POV edit is a little long at 6 minutes, but if you haven’t gotten your MTB fix yet, this will get you ready to scratch that itch!  Thanks, Ray!


Raven’s Ridge July 2011 from West Elk Project on Vimeo.

See you out there!

About the Author

2. Will Dujardin
Will Dujardin is our content editor at West Elk Project. He competes in big mountain competitions and coaches the Crested Butte Mountain Sports Team. Skiing is his life and he likes to mix it with other fun things like DH mountain biking and traveling.


Seth Tucker says:

Horray Bikes! Thank fully with the little amount of snow we have here we all will be riding in the valleys pretty soon!