April 1, 2014

2014 Snowblade Extremes Gallery

snowblade extremes WEP - ls-7

The Snowblade Extremes went down on Crested Butte’s famed Headwall venue Sunday. Last year’s champion Ben Blackwood showed why he is a snowblade master, claiming victory once again.  Non Native’s Jimbo Webb took the Sickbird, front flipping at the bottom of the venue.  The comp was followed by an afternoon of charging all over the resort, including Rambo, Banana (from the top), and the Paradise Warming Hut stairs.  Don’t miss out next year.

Photos by Lydia Stern/LStern Media.  Look for more in Thursday’s paper.








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1. Ed Dujardin
After moving out west for college, Ed took summer school so he could spend winters in Crested Butte. These days, he coaches the Western State Colorado University Freeride Team, and spends as much time as he can fishing the incredible rivers of the area.