May 4, 2012

Riding this weekend? CBMBA Trail Report 5-4-12

Ray and Will ride Rattlesnake in Hartmans. Photo: Ray Harter

There is still some snow around, but are you ready for 5-6 months of mountain biking?


Hartman Rocks has been good to go for a while now, and is getting dustier by the day.  But up at the north end of the valley the snow is melting and there are a handful of trails ready to go.  Check with CBMBA to get the full report.  Please get off your bike and walk the mud and snow for future use!
These trails have all been rated “Good to Go” by CBMBA.  Everything else is “not recommended” so please be a little patient, this warm weather and low snowpack year will have the rest of the valley riding in no time!

Upper Loop / Tony’s / Whetstone Vista are dry and have been riding awesome.  A lot of people are using this trail so be courteous to everybody sharing this local favorite!

Lupine Trail has been been ready since April 23.  You have to ride to the trailhead, there is no parking in the Saddle Ridge subdivision, Gothic Road, and Smith Hill County Road.

Walrod Cutoff Trail 418 / Caves Loop is good to go.  CBMBA Board members did some work out there to make the trails even more ready.  Cement Creek Trail is good as an out and back.

Strand Hill is a pre or post-work favorite for a lot of people and I bet those people are psyched that you can ride Strand!  There are two patches of snow at the top of the downhill you should walk through and also a small 30 foot stretch that has been closed by CBMBA because of water and mud.  Other than that Strand is riding awesome!

Just an FYI, the first trail work day is May 23rd for the Waterfall Creek Cutoff in CB South.  Get out and support your local trail system and put some work into what you ride!  Trail Days are great ways to meet other riders and help build and maintain our awesome trails!  We have some of the best in the country, let’s keep it that way!

To get the most current information, go to the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association’s website,

UPDATE (4:00 PM 5/4):  Strand Hill is 100% open after riding it today!

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2. Will Dujardin
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