November 30, 2015

Off-Season DH Mountain Biking in France With Colin Pickett

Next stop was a place called Sospel. Located about 45 minutes from nice by car and about 2 hours in the camper. Sospel is Fabian Barel's stomping ground but surprisingly there was very little info or riders to be seen. The map that you can find at the tourism office ended up being very helpful and the trails were some of the best that we got to experience. Steep and exposed would be the best terms to describe the trails in the area. The trail pictured was one of the longer tours and the descent started from a world war two camp that was littered with bullet holes and was really cool to see.

The lifts might be spinning but we know some people are still thinking about mashing some dirt.  Colin Pickett and Johnny Warren took a trip to France last spring to check out the stomping grounds of the French DH World Cup champions.  Knowing that Fabian Barel, Nicolas Vouilloz, and Loic Bruni all live around Nice clued the guys in to where they should check things out.  Check out the gallery and words from Colin:


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2. Will Dujardin
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