January 4, 2013

Local Film Companies Two Plank and Matchstick Productions Receive Powder Award Nominations


Once again, Crested Butte film companies will be represented at this year’s Powder Awards.  No stranger to the Powder Awards, Matchstick Productions continues it’s legacy of greatness in their 20th year.  Superheroes of Stoke received seven Powder Award nominations in six categories: Best Line (Erik Hjorleifson) Best Powder (Chatter Creek) Best Air (Russ Henshaw) Best Editing (Superheroes of Stoke) Best Female (Michelle Parker) (Ingrid Backstrom), Best Male (Erik Hjorleifson).  One notable MSP snub was Richard Permin, who put together a very complete segment that opened Superheroes of Stoke with a bang.

This year, Two Plank Productions joined the big boys of the ski movie industry, receiving two Powder Award nominations for their first major feature production, “Because.”  Corey Felton and Topher Plimpton’s tandem straightline in the Crested Butte backcountry has been nominated for Best Line as well as Best Point of View.  This comes as no surprise as the shot drew the most cheers when the film made it’s debut in Crested Butte.  Two Plank’s founder Corey Tijblas expressed, “It’s a true honor to be considered by Powder and the voting members.  We are truly humbled by the experience and are greatly looking forward to the awards show.  I am personally very proud of the work Corey Felton and Topher Plimpton have done since teaming up with us, as well as the entire crew.  We want to thank all the athletes, fans, and supporters over the years for helping to get us here and earing our first Powder Award nominations.”

Congratulations to Two Plank and Matchstick for their achievements.  We’re looking forward to their future projects, especially McConkey, MSP’s documentary of everyone’s hero Shane McConkey (see trailer below).

Check out the full list of Powder Award nominations here.  You can purchase both films at the Colorado

Felton and Plimpton Straightline from Because.

Trailer for Superheroes of Stoke

Superheroes of Stoke Trailer from MSP Films on Vimeo.

Trailer for Because

Trailer for McConkey

“McConkey” movie trailer, 4 minute HD from MSP Films on Vimeo.

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