December 7, 2012

Jet Stream Shift to Benefit Colorado


Is it here yet??  You have been probably been trying to wait patiently.  Well, your patience will start to pay off (hopefully!).

The jet stream, storm track, or as I like to call it, the hyperconductor of moisture and radness, is going to shift south as that high pressure that was bothering us in November is going to move out into the Pacific.  Previously, everything was passing north, hence all the jealousy-inducing Instagrams and Facebook posts from California, the PNW, Canada, and northern Rockies (ID, WY, MT).  That was emotionally hard to deal with as someone who just wants to smash pillows in Highlife, send Dead End Chutes, and bust Axtell laps. But patience is a virtue for a reason.

Photo: Matt Meister of KRDO Newschannel13

The cover graphic above is from Joel Gratz at  You can check out a similar graphic to the right from Matt Meister, the weather man at Newschannel13.  This southern shift in the storm track means that we will get frequent storms and cold temperatures for the rest of December.  Basically, we can expect snow every few days.  Whether it is a couple inches or a couple feet, I’ll take it!  The action starts this weekend; local weather man, Noah Wight, at says: “Saturday night will offer our best accumulation with estimates currently ranging from 2-4” down low to 5-10” up high but it’s still evolving.” That’s just freaking exciting.

It doesn’t end there.  According to’s Colorado forecast, it looks like we will get another small pop on Monday and Tuesday followed by a more substantial storm coming in around Friday.  No details yet, but stay tuned, because winter is finally here.

We might have been guilty of one of those jealousy-inducing photos, but, hey, you asked us to bring snow back.  We tried our damnedest. Check back for our write-up and photo gallery from our trip to the Tetons.

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