December 29, 2017

It May Be Time to Use Your Powder Alliance Days


If you’re craving real snow on good terrain, you should probably head north. Resorts from BC to Montana are forecasting big storms, on top of excellent base totals. Fortunately for CBMR passholders, the Powder Alliance offers three free days of skiing at a handful of resorts that are having fantastic starts to winter. In addition, these resorts are based in small towns with awesome communities that are worth checking out. Be aware of blackout dates (no Saturdays).

Cover: Ed Dujardin checks out Bridger Bowl earlier this December. Photo: Kyle Taylor

Bridger Bowl: Bridger is in the middle of a storm that is expected to drop 8-17 inches, then go blue and cold. Bridger is reporting a 49″ base, with 113″ on the season. It is an awesome area, with tons of hike to terrain and plenty of that Montucky coldsmoke. Also, Bozeman rocks.

Whitewater: Whitewater is in a storm cycle that is expected to drop 8-15 inches, then go blue and cold. They are reporting a 59″ inch base, with 151″ on the season. Whitewater is an incredible little resort outside the funky town of Nelson, that has some of the best lift accessed backcountry in North America. Need convincing, our buddy Trace Cooke is here to help.

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Stevens Pass: Stevens Pass is getting absolutely clobbered right now, and are expecting 16-28″. They have a 72″ base, with 144″ on the season. We’ve heard nothing but good things about this down home resort outside of Leavenworth, Washington, and are looking forward to checking it out one day.

Schweitzer: Schweitzer, outside of Sandpoint, Idaho, has seen more than its fair share of dumps this year, and its dumping again. They are expecting 10-19″ from this storm. They have a 45″ base, with 147″ on the season. We’ve never been to this small resort, but if it’s good enough for Caleb Mullen, it’s good enough for us.

Kiroro: This one requires a little more than gas money, but Japan is off to a historic start. Kiroro has a base of over 100″ already and are forecasted to keep getting snow. I know this is a little unrealistic, but a ski bum can dream, right?

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