December 11, 2017

IMBA Will Not Support Wilderness Amendment Act


The International Mountain Biking Association has announced that it is not supporting H.R. 1349, a bill introduced by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) that would amend the Wilderness Act of 1964 to permit certain wheeled devices, including mountain bikes, in Wilderness areas. In addition, IMBA has submitted its opinions to the House Natural Resources Committee.

Photo: Trent Bona Photography

The Executive Director of IMBA is Dave Weins, long time Gunnison resident and mountain biking legend. In a statement for IMBA, he explains,

“Mountain bikers and the recreation community depend on public lands and thoughtful conservation. Public lands are being threatened at an unprecedented level right now, and it’s imperative that public land users come together to protect these cherished places and offer our voices in this critical dialogue,” said Wiens. “We know Wilderness hits some mountain bikers’ backyards, and we understand why those riders support this legislation. To continue elevating mountain biking nationally, IMBA must remain focused on its long-term strategy for the bigger picture of our sport.”

Read the full statement on IMBA’s website.

Crested Butte is an area with a lot of Wilderness and a lot of mountain bike trails, that would definitely see some change if the bill was passed. How do you feel about the issue?

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1. Ed Dujardin
After moving out west for college, Ed took summer school so he could spend winters in Crested Butte. These days, he coaches the Western State Colorado University Freeride Team, and spends as much time as he can fishing the incredible rivers of the area.