April 7, 2012

Gus Kenworthy lands switch Triple Rodeo 1440

JOI Big Air

The Jon Olsson Invitational Big Air is happening now.

This happened in qualifiers.

Check more out at the JOI at

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2. Will Dujardin
Will Dujardin is our content editor at West Elk Project. He competes in big mountain competitions and coaches the Crested Butte Mountain Sports Team. Skiing is his life and he likes to mix it with other fun things like DH mountain biking and traveling.


Mikey Curran says:

Did you guys see the dub cork 7? Real cool!

Will Dujardin says:

Yea! Steeze Louise!!

Ben Somrak says:

As stoked as I am to see local Colorado boy Gus thrown down like this, I am saddened to see our sport pushed further into the direction that we worked so hard to stay away from: upright aerials. Nonetheless, this is an incredible act of athleticism and deserves SERIOUS props!