August 8, 2012

Final Pinnacle Race Series Preview


Photo: Trent Bona |

The 5th and Final Pinnacle Race Series is the uphill downhill combo. The combo race can be done individually or in a team of three and will be a fun fitting end to a great Summer of local racing.

The race begins with a Le Mans start at the Red Lady lift. After running to their bike the DH begins with Frequency – Luge – Warming House. The tag occurs at the base where the XC will ascend Westside back to the Red Lady Lift. The third and final tag bringing the race back to base will be DH Avery.

Join us for the great racing, food, beers and raffle Wednesday August 8th. Registration runs from 4:30pm to 5:30. Get their early so the Le Mans Start can begin on time (5:30pm sharp)!

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4. Seth Tucker
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