November 8, 2012

Dem Lumps: 30 Minute Snowboard, Skate, and Ski Movie


Matt Norris, creator of the Lump People Collaborative, put together this movie featuring a crew of guys shredding snowboards, skateboards, and skis.  “Dem Lumps” features some respectable urban, park, and big mountain riding from Crested Butte, Denver, Steamboat, Utah, and Argentina.  Norris, a junior at Western, explains, “LPC is basically my friends snowboarding, skateboarding, and creating art while living in different places.  Then collaborating at the end of the season… The idea for ‘Lump People’ came out some dumb drawings I came up with to express the way a lot of us think.”

Next season Norris plans on making a full-length video, featuring as many backcountry trips as possible.  “Having motivated friends is awesome.  We’re so lucky to get to snowboard all winter, and having visual memories makes it even better.”


About the Author

1. Ed Dujardin
After moving out west for college, Ed took summer school so he could spend winters in Crested Butte. These days, he coaches the Western State Colorado University Freeride Team, and spends as much time as he can fishing the incredible rivers of the area.