March 12, 2014

Community Video Profile: WSCU Mountain Sports Team


Introducing the new West Elk Project community video profiles presented by Turner Toyota of Montrose. These videos will introduce a new individual or company from the Gunnison valley every few weeks and follow a quick day in their life.

Week 3: Western State Colorado University Park and Pipe team. The team competes in FreeridePark and PipeSkier/Boarder CrossNordic, and Endurance Ski. Western’s Mountain Sports athletes compete on the most competitive circuits, as well as in local and regional competitions, where up and coming athletes can cut their teeth and hone their skills. The Mountain Sports Ski Team defines modern competitive skiing – no other collegiate program offers its diversity of disciplines.

About the Author

3. Trent Bona
With the mountains, mountain culture and action sports as constant inspiration, Trent Bona has earned a respected name as a commercial and editorial photographer. An experienced international traveler, he knows more than a thing or two about roughing it abroad. His expertise is venturing far into the backcountry, of any continent, to capture adventure sports in one of their true habitats: the vastness of the unconquered outdoors.