March 9, 2012

Biking – Winter Update!

Biking on the rim

Winter Biking

With the current sad status of the snow pack I know of a few people traveling to the desert for their bike rides in search of the early spring. Recent trips to Moab by athlete Ray “Danger” Harter and athlete Stew “Monster” Gross to Fruita have proved spring riding has potentially made a start. In fact there were some road bikers enjoying the recent 40 plus degree weather. Here are the current conditions of winter biking.

Mountain bike update – The deserts are warm and without any snow due to it being scares across the southern rockies. The usual suspects were found in Moab riding …. Stew was found in Fruita riding.

The Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association and Gunnison trails will be running at light speed when daylight savings comes areas. Trail dates have been set and they are always seeking volunteers so come on out and join the trail building crew.

Road biking update – The USA Procycling Challenge is coming back to Crested Butte! The inside word is that the town was such a success that they do not want to change to many things with both Gunnison and Crested Butte. Being the uphill finish that folks hoped for and a great start to the hardest stage of the race were given a second year hosting a stage. The one question that makes or breaks a bike race are the racers themselves and those questions will not be answered until July and August. The course is being detailed and will be published in the upcoming weeks to months.

Starting tuning up your bikes and getting the rust off the chain because Hartmans could be open early?

Biking on the rim

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