August 13, 2013

Adaptive Sports Center Year-in-Review Video


The Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte is changing lives every day.  This 9-minute video recaps some of their highlights they caught on camera this year over the winter and the summer.  Make sure YOU help the Adaptive Sports Center any way you can, whether volunteering on snow or at an event, or even just participating at a fundraiser, every effort makes a difference.  The courage these athletes and participants show is inspiring to say the least.  A big shout out goes out to all the employees and volunteers at the Adaptive Sports Center, you guys rock so much!!

Adaptive Sports Center Year-in-Review 2013 from Adaptive Sports Center on Vimeo.
Edited by Noah Wight

Visit the ASC’s website and donate here: 

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2. Will Dujardin
Will Dujardin is our content editor at West Elk Project. He competes in big mountain competitions and coaches the Crested Butte Mountain Sports Team. Skiing is his life and he likes to mix it with other fun things like DH mountain biking and traveling.