April 9, 2012

2012 CBMR Slush Huck Pond Skim

This year's Pond Skim got 10's across the board!

The weather this Saturday was absolutely perfect for CBMR’s annual Slush Huck Pond Skim festivities. But just because the sun was out didn’t mean the water wasn’t still freezing cold! When the wakes and waves had settled the defending world champ Gabe Martin had been knocked from his throne by CBMR Ski School’s own Gregory Gull. A big West Elk Project congratulations to Gregory for his victory! However, we can assure him he has not seen the end of Mr. Martin, not by a long shot. We believe a new rivalry has been born!

Full photo gallery can be seen here at!

High Speed Highlights:

​-92 registered participants ​

-Lots of CB groms

​​-Two lifeguards were present

-Mono skis were not just present but prevelant

-One swallow tail Pow board was used quite successfully

-First known fully switch pond skim completed (So sick!)

-The kicker also went off! Frontflips, Daffys, Spread Eagles & Backflips galore with some serious, high amplitude straight airs thrown in the mix!


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3. Trent Bona
With the mountains, mountain culture and action sports as constant inspiration, Trent Bona has earned a respected name as a commercial and editorial photographer. An experienced international traveler, he knows more than a thing or two about roughing it abroad. His expertise is venturing far into the backcountry, of any continent, to capture adventure sports in one of their true habitats: the vastness of the unconquered outdoors.


Ryan says:

The switch run should have won!