April 5, 2012

First Day of Spring 3/21/2012

Castle Peal above the clouds.

I’ll admit it, it’s the end of March and I’m thinking about fishing, boating, sand and river beers watching pretty girls in sundresses. Sure, there’s still spring skiing to be had, but with recent events, the consensus around the West Elks seems to be a pretty unanimous ‘better luck next year, let’s go biking’. With every forecasted storm that didn’t pan out, with every week of high temps and sun, the season slipped by. The December drought continued into January, and after approximately ten days of winter in the middle of February, the sun came out and has yet to leave.

But you know what? Even when it’s scarce, there’s always something to be had. On the first day of spring, with nothing better to do, my friend Pete and I headed out to some sled access terrain to get in what we thought would be a little dust-on-crust action. This is what we found…

– Nick Matisse

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4. Seth Tucker
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