March 29, 2012

38th Annual Al Johnson Uphill Downhill Race

Large Ballon people enjoying the AJ!

For the 38th year the usual suspects came out to race and costume for the Al Johnson Uphill Downhill race! The lack of snow in the valley especially the wind affected North Face changed the course from the usual Last Steep ending to the bottom of the boarder cross course with the finish line at the Paradise Warming House. These changes did not dampen the spirits of those who participated in the event. The usual start at the base of the North Face Lift was filled with PBR and champagne for the 1%-ers. The plethora of costume ideas and decor rivaled Halloween.

Occupy being the theme of the past 6 months was out in full effect along with the obvious cross dressing and more entertaining, Cookie Monster, Balloons, and Crested Butte elected officials in questionable costumes! There was plenty of fun in the preparation of costumes to the race itself. Al Johnson would be proud!

Don’t forget too that Gaper day is around the corner along with closing weekend so keep those costumes out and ready for April 1st and April 7th and 8th.

Take a look at the photo gallery provided to us by Trent Bona.

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4. Seth Tucker
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